Monday, March 29, 2010

Family Values: Part 256

An examination of the RNC's March expenditures has revealed an interesting charge for nearly $2,000 to a club called Voyeur in West Hollywood.  This establishment is described by the website Club Planet like this:
Of course no high-end establishment with high-end backers would come right out and call itself a sex club...but, there's a guest list, the female employees disrobe, pornographic pictures double as wallpaper, and patrons are advised to be "uninhibited" in the photo booth.
Now regular readers of this blog know that I really don't care what people do.  If you're into bumping uglies with bikini clad truckers dressed as chipmonks, then hey, go for it. But if you are going to be the political party who tells the country to vote for them because they stand for moral decency and family values, then dropping two large at an upscale sex club is one thing and one thing only: hypocrisy.

I suppose it could be worse, I suppose it could be random sexual encounters with strangers in airport restrooms or getting caught with your name in a DC madam's little black book.

Oh wait...

Risqué Business

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lesbians- 1 / Uptight Southern Bigots - 0

In that town in Mississippi where the school board decided they would rather cancel this year's prom than let a lesbian student take her girl friend, a court ruled that her First Amendment rights were violated.

Yeah, I know. DUH.

But the court did not order the school to hold the prom.  In some sense, this might be best.  When this girl decides to sue the shit out of the school, she has the perfect situation. She has a court ruling and no prom.  That sounds like a jury ordered college fund to me.

Oh, and the kicker?  She also has a written memo.

"At the center of the lawsuit is a February 5 memorandum from the school to students that said prom dates must be of the opposite sex.

"Superintendent Teresa McNeece also told McMillen that she and her girlfriend could be ejected from the prom if other students complained about their presence, according to the documents."
Of course, this is Mississippi.  They don't let girls dance with girls, who the hell knows what a jury will do.

Judge: School violated lesbian's rights

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quick Hits: Now with Lesbians Getting Screwed

Prom Night

From CBS:  "Senior Constance McMillen, 18, was ready for the prom. She even had a date. But the problem at Itawamba County Agricultural High School, says Strassmann, was her sophomore -- girlfriend."

So what did the high school do?  They cancelled prom.  Now this girl's school mates are pissed at her because they blame her for the prom getting cancelled. 

Is this 1940? They'd rather cancel the dance and screw all the kids than let two girls go together as a couple.

We'll just slide this one in at number 22 on the long list of reasons I could never live in the south.

CBS: Southern School Cancels Prom to Prevent Same Sex Date.

Drummed Out of the Air Force by the Local Fuzz

Rapid City, SD police outed a lesbian Air Force sergeant to the military resulting in her getting discharged.

The cops were looking to arrest Sgt Jene Newsome's wife on an Alaskan warrent for theft. Sgt. Newsome didn't give the police the level of cooperation they were looking for, so they told the Air Force base command that the Sgt was a woman. 
"Police officers, who said they spotted the marriage license on the kitchen table through a window of Newsome's home, alerted the base, police Chief Steve Allender said in a statement sent to the AP. The license was relevant to the investigation because it showed both the relationship and residency of the two women, he said."
Saw it through a window? It was just sitting on the table? I know that's where I keep mine, right next to the salt and pepper shaker.

I call "bullshit" on this one.  They were pissed that the lesbian wasn't helping them so they screwed her over with the military. I hope the ACLU really porks these cops in court.

MSNBC: Cops out lesbian to military

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I be Judge, I be Jury, said cunning old Fury...

Today, I, The T-Dude have been summoned by my county to sit in a room all day waiting to be called for a jury.

You would think they'd know better.

I can't decide, am I Henry Fonda in Twelve Angry Men or John Cusak in Runaway Jury?

Well, seeing as how I'm just as likely to make a snap decision as the next guy and I don't have a secret in my past that would make me want to publicly screw a jury consultant, I guess I'll just have to be me.

Maybe I'll just do my Fonda impression all day for the fun of it...

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My new addiction...Curling

That's right, Women's Curling. You know, the sport with the brooms and the rocks and the ice.  Shuffle board of the north.  Canadian Bocce Ball.  Whatever you want to call it, I love it.

Now, I would have a hard time calling it a true sport.  I have always argued that any "athletic" activity that can be performed while drinking a Bud longneck and smoking a Camel straight isn't a sport, it's really a past time. In this category I include: bowling, golf, and for certain trailer park residents, sex.

But I loved watching curling during the Olympics.  It was more interesting that cross country skiing, less subjective than figure skating, and frankly, it was both engaging and relaxing at the same time.

Okay... and the women are kinda hot.  There, I said it.  I've always had a thing for female athletes.  In high school, I was more likely to date a girl on the basketball team than on the cheerleading squad.  Oh, I dated both, but I always preferred the jockish girls to the spankies and megaphone crowd.

To make my point, my wife and I watched "Bend It Like Beckham" together and she looked at me and said, "This is like soft-core porn for you, isn't it." 


So I guess what I'm saying is, curling is just like soft-core porn.  Both engaging and oddly relaxing all at the same time.

To help prove my point, the young woman pictured here is a member of the Swiss Olympic Curling team. Her name is Carmen Schäfer.  She had a great Olympics, much better than the Swiss skipper, Miriam Ott who really spit the bit after having the hammer in the final end against the Canadians only to fail to keep the rock in the house.

(I even like the lingo!)

Oh...and to prove my point on the soft-core porn thing, here is another picture of Ms. Schäfer.

When are the next Winter Olympics?  I just want to make sure I clear my calendar.