Friday, May 29, 2009

Quick Hits: Now with Religious Fervor

I Kissed a Girl

A Catholic priest was defrocked because he was caught kissing a girl. He has now decided to join the Episcopal church. While I'm not sure why this is news, I'm pretty sure that the Catholic Church should be thrilled. Not because their ex-priest has found a new religious home, but because they had a priest caught kissing a girl and not a 12 year-old alter boy. Personally, I think they are making real progress.

Catholic Priest Caught Kissing Girlfriend Joins Episcopal Church

Legalized Torture, Not Just for the Bush Administration

In Nebraska, a woman seeking an abortion will soon be forced, for no medical reason, to see an ultrasound of her fetus before the procedure is performed.

What kind of fucked up, right wing wack jobs thought this one up?

Do they honestly believe that a woman having an abortion hasn't already pictured the child inside of her? Do they seriously believe that the choice the woman/girl made was an easy one?

And now, just because they can, they are going to force these women to have an unneeded viewing of the fetus they are about to abort.


Because unless the woman happens to be an Iraqi enemy combatant in Gitmo, they can't waterboard her first.

I am sick of these holier-than-thou jackoffs. If they were the victim of a rape, would they want to be forced to see the product of that rape? If they were an impoverished, unwed teenager who can't care for herself, let alone a child, would they want to be forced to see the fetus before they made the only choice they could really make? And do they seriously believe that the fetus they are about to show these women looks that much different than the ones on the signs being held by their fanatical friends outside the clinic?

They don't care. You see, they think torture is good. That's right, they think that Jesus would be standing beside them as they caused a fellow human being, however flawed in his eyes, to feel pain and suffering in a time of despair and desperation.

And then they will go home feeling good about it. The Bible told them to do it, just ask them. Oh...I'm sure they are right. That's exactly what I remember reading in the bible. I think it went: "Thou shall torture those who act outside of your beliefs."

Yeah, that sounds like something Jesus would do, I'm sure of it.

I think I'll add this new law to the list of things that make me thankful that I don't live in will fall between number 21 (It was the crappiest album Springsteen ever made.) and number 23 (Bush hid there on 9/11).

Nebraska Lawmakers Pass Abortion Ultrasound Bill

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Health Care: A Right or a Privilege?

There has been a lot of discussion on the Thom Hartman program on Air America about whether health care is a right the way education is in our country. Every child has the right to go to a public school. But does every American have the right to see a doctor?

This debate rages as the liberals and the conservatives take generally different views. The liberals generally argue that access to health care is a right while the conservatives say that there is no guarentee to health care.

I have a small problem with the conservatives hypocracy on this one.

A couple of years ago, George Bush told an audience in Cleveland that all American's had access to health care, they just needed to go to the emergency room. Now the reason that any American can go to the emergency room is because of a little thing called the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act. It basically says that the emergency room has to at least see you and stablize you.

My point is this, if I have a right to this under the law, how can health care be a priviledge?