Sunday, September 28, 2008

I've been gone...but now I'm back.

I had fully intended to blog from Minneapolis, but the Internet hook-up in my hotel sucked. So when I get unpacked and the kids remember what I look like, I'll post more completely.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Comment Spam

For those of you who might be wondering why I deleted a comment in the previous post, it is because it was comment spam from a company selling a device that claimed to make a man's penis bigger. They didn't actually say that, but when you went to the web site, that's what it was.

They actually offered to send me one to "give to a friend to try." Then they wanted me to write a review of the product. First off, by a friend, I know they meant me, they just didn't want to imply that I might have a short cock. But supposing I took them at their word, that certainly would make for an interesting conversation.

"Hey Joe, I noticed in the locker room the other day that your thang ain't exactly swinging. You should try this new device that someone I don't know sent me. Then in a few weeks, let's get together and measure your manhood to see if it worked."

Seriously, you have got to be kidding me.

I suppose I had it coming. A few months ago I was taken aback by the number of penis stories in the news and did a Quick Hits posting on it. My blog probably ended up in their google search as a likely place to market their product.

If someone would only offer to send me a product I would use, like a cocktail shaker or a do-it-yourself Impeach the President kit. Those are things I would be happy to review.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Link in the Template

I am not one to throw links around like loose change. I am not a "link whore." But I have neglected to add this link to my favorites for quite some time. Do yourself a favor and check out DMC & ME.

I waxed poetic about his blog a few posts back when I tagged him, but wanted to make sure that I added his blog to the links section to the left...and now I have.

Keep up the good work Martini, you crazy Halloween-loving Canuck.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

With Special Thanks to Aunt Pat for Sharing...

Andrew Sullivan, a Republican through and through and a former editor at the New Republic has this to say about McCain's choice of Gov. Palin for a running mate.

I’ve voted a straight Republican ticket every year of my life since 1975, when I first came of voting age, but I was stunned and horrified by McCain’s choice of Palin. I simply cannot even consider voting for McCain after this choice, which speaks loudly of his own selfishness and fundamental frivolousness.

So I was shocked when I turned to the conservative blogs looking for others who shared my dismay and found a celebration going on. They really honestly believe that Palin’s “inexperience” and Obama’s “inexperience” are equivalent. I have had no luck at all in the past 24 hours trying to explain that Obama is quite obviously an impressive man (with whom I disagree on almost every major issue) with extraordinary qualities of organization, discipline and leadership. I see nothing in Palin’s record to suggest that she has any such qualities.

He is a man who has spent his adult life thinking serious thoughts about serious issues and having serious conversations about them with other serious, well-informed people; while Palin quite as clearly has done none of those things. He was the president of the Harvard Law Review; she was the point guard on her high school basketball team.
Not long ago, I waxed poetic about William F Buckley and how I disagreed with him on nearly everything but I was going to miss him because of his eloquence. While I'm no Andrew Sullivan, it seems he has a similar feeling about a potential Obama presidency but from on the other side of the political spectrum.

Palin is nothing more than a political ploy. They are hiding her from the press because they know that women will hate her once they get to know her. She has political scandals brewing in her home state, from abuse of power investigations to getting paid per diem for staying home. I urge you to read the rest of Mr. Sullivan's piece. It is short, but it makes the point exactly.

The Shock Of Palin

I've been M-I-A

I'm sorry...we're getting into the busy time here at work so I haven't had the same time or inclination to write. Just let me say these few quick things.

1) The more women voters get to know Sarah Palin, the less they are going to like her. That is why she has done so little press.

2)People weren't meant to live in large numbers along the gulf coast. The natural wetlands etc. cannot sustain a large population. Maybe it's time to leave it behind, give it back to nature and accept that humans really are a virus on the body Earth.

3)Why are Swedish Fish "swedish"? The ones I had yesterday were made in New Jersey.

4)It is 50 degrees outside and my beagles are shivering like it's ten below. What wimps.

5)The debates are going to be key to this election. And for the first time, the V.P. debates are going to matter because some people are voting for McCain/Palin because they EXPECT him to pass on before the end of his term. to go wake up the wife, get her coffee, wake up Daughter Dos, get her breakfast, make her lunch, make my lunch, get her dressed....etc. etc., all you parents out there know the drill.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Color vs Black and White...well, white anyway

Is it just me or is the Republican Convention really, really Caucasian. I think I saw four or five people of color all night long. You listen to the speeches and they try to sound like us, but in the end, the Republican Party looks nothing like the rest of America.