Thursday, November 10, 2011

Political Brain Fart - A Painful Stinker to Witness

It's sad really. 

There are all kinds of reasons not to vote for Rick Perry.  His flawed tax plan.  His mean-spirited anti-choice stands.  His smoke and mirrors job creation record as Governor of Texas.  All of these are perfectly good reasons not to vote for Rick Perry.

However, in the end, a gigantic brain fart during the latest Republican debate may end up taking down this undefeated campaigner.  While spouting the old and worn Republican chant for smaller government and calling for the elimination of federal agencies, Perry just plain forgot.  He had a nearly terminal case of tip of the tongue syndrome.  Watching him flounder, watching him scour his brain for the name of the third department he would eliminate is one of the most painful things I've seen during a presidential debate.

Howard Dean had his demented scream, now Rick Perry has his iconic moment, the moment he blew a big, stinky, visible cloud of a brain fart in front of America. 

Of course, one man's stink is another man's perfume.  (Just watch the joy in Ron Paul's eyes  if you doubt me.)

As the pig farmers in Iowa say when they catch a whiff of their operation in action, "Smells like money to me."  That's what the rest of the Republican field is smelling right now, the sweet scent of failure from the former front runner and the robust musk emitting from the pool of Perry campaign donors who will soon become available.

See ya Rick... and enjoy this complimentary years supply of Gingko Biloba as a parting gift just for playing our game.