Monday, July 28, 2008

A quick thought...

I haven't been writing much lately...I guess I'm stuck in the dead zone. But I did want to make one small observation.

Sen. Obama is already acting as President and doing a better job of it than our current one. He goes on one trip overseas and in that trip he gets the Iraqi government ready to stand on their own two feet. He starts the process of solving the greatest threat to Mideast stability, the Iranian nuclear program. And then he ends the trip by standing before 200,000 people in Berlin to tell them that the time has come for us to live up to the legacy our grandfathers built from their own blood and courage.

In the meantime, President Bush refused to use the world timetable when talking about leaving Iraq but had his people agree that a "withdrawal horizon" should be discussed and Sen. McCain ate sausage at a German restaurant in Ohio saying that Obama shouldn't be overseas, he should be at home.

Are these people really this out of touch? Does McCain really believe that the right-wing machine is going to be able to get him elected?

Grampy McGrumpy is exactly the opposite of what America needs right now, and frankly, I'm amazed that more people don't already know it.


Jim said...

Isn't it bizarre how it feels like Obama has already been elected president and we are ll just waiting for him to assume office, meanwhile he hasn't even been named the nominee?

I can't help but shudder that the Republican machine has some awful trick up their collective sleeve and that they are lulling us into a belief that the election is over, just to spring hundreds of thousands of voters out of their graves at the last minute in Florida.

TheHMC said...


Never before have I had much, if any, faith in...well pretty much ANY polititcian(though I might have said that before-I claim blondeness and Mommy Brain). But, for once, I feel like he can actually do not only a "decent" job, but a Great job.

Grampy McGrumpy.. you are SO going to start a new nickname for him with that one.
(I told hubby that I'd be afraid to vote for him simply from the fact that he's aged about 40 since this election process even started.)

The T-Dude said...

Jim: I have the same fear. I'm afraid there are going to be photo's of Obama with a bong in one hand and a white co-ed in the other. While neither bothers me, south of the Mason-Dixon line, that is a deal killer for a lot of people.

HMC: I just hope we aren't setting the bar too high too soon. When we get to the debates, if the bar is too high, then all Grampy has to do is not croak on stage and the media will call it a victory for him and a lost opportunity for Obama.