Sunday, February 01, 2009

Blago, Superbowl and Other Shit


Okay, the first thing that I have to say is that the whole impeachment of Gov. Blago is a giant colonoscopy for those of us in IL. It was uncomfortable, showed what we expected and we felt no relief until they pulled that sucker out of the orifice.

That being said, I'm not convinced he did anything truly criminal. Slimy? Yes. Wrong? Probably. Illegal? Perhaps not. Until a jury says "guilty", that loud-mouthed, slime ball, asshole is innocent. That's the rule of law that protects you and me and money-grubbing, corrupt politicians.


Alex, the blond hairdo on the sideline reporting for NBC just quoted F. Scotts Fitzgerald. Scotts is a discount toilet tissue honey, not a great American author.

Other Shit

My mother-in-law is doing okay. She is undergoing chemo and is losing her hair. I'm trying to keep her humor up and she seems to be okay. We'll see what happens. I just wish my wife could relax a little. She is wound as tight as a two dollar watch. But you can't blame her, this is a hard thing to handle and she's been doing a great job. She has shown a lot of strength and I'm very proud of her.

I have to go to Reno for work in 5 weeks or so.

Fucking Reno.

Other than gambling and whorehouses, what is there to do in Reno? Seriously. I need something to do that doesn't involve paying for sex or risking money I can't afford to lose.

Any ideas?

Michael Phelps

It turns out that Michael Phelps got caught on camera smoking a little Mary Jane.

I don't care if he wants to blow a 4-foot graphics while The Doors Soft Parade plays on an endless loop. Just don't do it in front of a camera.

Oh well. It doesn't take an I.Q. of 140 to swim fast, but you don't have to be a MENSA member to know that smoking dope in public isn't a good idea for an Olympic athlete.

That is unless you are competing in the 100 yard toke.


Martini said...

I dislike gambling and have resisted heading off to Vegas with friends many times. If memory serves me, not one has ever won a thing. Yet they still love it and continue to go. I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing to do in Reno if you don't gamble, and even if you do, save it for the big time where you at least get to feel like you're part of the real herd. Take several good books. If there is enough daylight, rent a car and head into the mountains. Tahoe can be very pretty. Take advil, your head will hurt from the clanging bells. People watch. Take your laptop and blog.

Phil said...

Blowing a 4-foot graphics while The Doors Soft Parade plays on an endless loop? Ah... the Quad! Don't forget to sting up the Christmas lights though ;-)

Just remember as you get out of Reno trailed by twenty hounds that if you get home before daylight you just might get some sleep tonight.

Becky said...

I'm sorry about your mother in law. Isn't the grand canyon semi close to Reno, or am I way off??

EXSENO said...

I'm so sorry that your mother-in-law is having to go through chemo. It's hell to go through that. Hopefully she will get better.

Reno, Let's see I've not been there but, lot's of times where there is a gambling town/city,there are also good restaurants. so maybe you could enjoy a plush hotel, room service or a nice dinner out. Or have a relaxing drink or four. lol

Sorry, that's the best I can do, I'd be gambling.

EXSENO said...

Excuse me I left one out I have to say Michael Phelps, how stupid is that. What the heck was he thinking or I take that back obviously he wasn't thinking at all. lol