Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My new addiction...Curling

That's right, Women's Curling. You know, the sport with the brooms and the rocks and the ice.  Shuffle board of the north.  Canadian Bocce Ball.  Whatever you want to call it, I love it.

Now, I would have a hard time calling it a true sport.  I have always argued that any "athletic" activity that can be performed while drinking a Bud longneck and smoking a Camel straight isn't a sport, it's really a past time. In this category I include: bowling, golf, and for certain trailer park residents, sex.

But I loved watching curling during the Olympics.  It was more interesting that cross country skiing, less subjective than figure skating, and frankly, it was both engaging and relaxing at the same time.

Okay... and the women are kinda hot.  There, I said it.  I've always had a thing for female athletes.  In high school, I was more likely to date a girl on the basketball team than on the cheerleading squad.  Oh, I dated both, but I always preferred the jockish girls to the spankies and megaphone crowd.

To make my point, my wife and I watched "Bend It Like Beckham" together and she looked at me and said, "This is like soft-core porn for you, isn't it." 


So I guess what I'm saying is, curling is just like soft-core porn.  Both engaging and oddly relaxing all at the same time.

To help prove my point, the young woman pictured here is a member of the Swiss Olympic Curling team. Her name is Carmen Schäfer.  She had a great Olympics, much better than the Swiss skipper, Miriam Ott who really spit the bit after having the hammer in the final end against the Canadians only to fail to keep the rock in the house.

(I even like the lingo!)

Oh...and to prove my point on the soft-core porn thing, here is another picture of Ms. Schäfer.

When are the next Winter Olympics?  I just want to make sure I clear my calendar.


Lindsay said...

Oh Curling, how I despise you! To each their own I guess.

Jim said...

That lingo doesn't help at all...

"Nice rock"
"On the broom"
"Harder, harder... HARDER!"

And my favorite word to hear others say, "Bonspiel".