Monday, May 17, 2010

In the Style of Larry King…

I’m just wondering. With their new law targeting illegal immigrants, will there be a big uptick in traffic arrests for DWC (Driving While Canadian) in Arizona? Somehow I doubt it.

The world doesn't care if Justice Scalia “eats at the Y” on his off time, why does it matter if Elena Kagan does?

Transocean, the rig owner for the Gulf oil spill site, has a liability cap that limits the amount of money that they can be sued for. Can I have a liability cap so I can ignore safety regulations, pour oil into Lake Michigan, and have 11 people die because of my negligence without fear of having to really pay for it?

A 16 year-old girl sailed around the world – solo. Most kids won’t walk around the block without complaining.

A picture of Kim Kardashian without make up news isn't news. Do people really believe that she would look the same? That's why they call it "make-up." Kim Kardashian poses without makeup

The Supreme Court has ruled that the “sexually dangerous” can be kept in jail even after their sentences are up. But what about the sexually oogie? I’m looking at you Hugh Hefner and Larry King. Even the mental image of those guys doing it is a public menance.

Speaking of sexually oogie…

Quote of the week:

"There was no doubt about what he wanted, the randy old thing," the woman told local papers. "I turned around and saw this big kangaroo behind me, so I hastened my steps," she said.

The woman said the obviously aroused animal bounded off when other walkers approached and she sought to escape.
Amorous Aussie roo has outback residents hopping

Headline of the Week: Have retailers stopped selling used lingerie?

Now that’s a reporter with a real nose for news.


Candice said...

Great post. Still laughing at the "eats at the Y" line.

The T-Dude said...

Thanks! When I was a kid, our local YMCA actually had a diner so we all ate at the Y!