Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Miss USA Admits Cocaine Use -- Still Wears Crown

My post prior to this stated that Tara Conner, Miss USA was alleged to have been doing drugs. She has now admitted it to the world in the form of a Today Show interview.

Donald Trump is such a hypocrite.

Today Show: Miss USA Admits Cocaine Use


thephoenixnyc said...

At first I was cynical about her whole thing, but the more I read and see its obvious she really does have a real substance abuse problem (unlike Mark Foley) and is getting the real help she needs.

The T-Dude said...

Regardless of whether her problem is real, the double standard is what gets me. Personally, I don't think either one should have gotten the boot.

Carolyn said...

Bottom line is: Who gives a shit? Why does this even have an effect on you? Do you really care who is representing the United States in a beauty pagent? Why not get worked up about something important? I'll give you a topic: the death penalty. In one state you kill someone, you get the needle. In another you get a life sentence. Discuss.