Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oil It Up And Stick It To Big Oil

Finally, we have a chance to start separating President Bush from the tit that has fed most of his political life -- Big Oil. Not only did President Bush and his party grant huge tax breaks to the oil companies that have been reaping record profits for the past few years while you and I pay over a buck more a gallon at the pump, they also ignored mistakes that would have made Big Oil pay billions of dollars to the federal government. The following excerpt from today's AP story illustrates what I mean.

"The bill is largely aimed at recovering an estimated $10 billion that stands to be lost to the government because of an error in deep-water drilling leases for the Gulf of Mexico issued in the late 1990s. Congressional auditors and the Interior Department's inspector general have said the mistake was ignored for six years by the Minerals Management Service, which oversees the leasing program."

Dems poised to roll back oil subsidies

How long has President Bush and his band of cronies been around? Hmmmmm. Would that be about 6 years? And in that 6 years, they have failed to correct a known error in the deep-drilling leases that would have cost a major industry funder of Bush's campaigns ten billion dollars? Now that's what I call sound investing on the part of Big Oil. They throw a fraction of that amount into a campaign fund for the President and his fellow Republicans and they get $10 BILLION in return. And who gets screwed? The taxpayers. Twice. Once at the pump and once in the form of a growing federal deficit.

Hell, we didn't even get kissed afterward.

So bend over Big Oil, your turn has come and Nancy Pelosi has greased up a big fat 10 billion dollar dong to return the favor.

I only hope they get it on video. And I'm praying for at least two more sequels.

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G-man said...

You're my hero, T-dude! Seriously, I hope big oil gets bitch slapped all the way back to Texas.