Monday, August 20, 2007

Sumptin's Wrong

I woke up on Sunday with the rain falling hard. It was after the second cup of coffee as I stared at the rising pond behind my house when I realized that I hadn't heard the sump pump go off. Normally, after that much rain, I hear it go off now and then.

With trepidation I open the crawlspace below my split level home. There I found two inches of standing water. Luckily, most of our stored stuff in there is in plastic bins, but man, what a drag.

The tethered float on the pump was floating on the surface of the water so the switch wouldn't work. Needless to say, I spent most of the day in and out of the crawl space getting it fixed.

Ain't home ownership fun.


Patti said...

I can beat that rain horror story. I was camping this weekend when the rain started at 3 pm Saturday and still has not stopped. The only saving grace was that although the tent took on water, it all flowed to my end and kept my daughters stuffed animals dry.

Said tent as well as camp chairs are now attempting to dry out in the backyard where I am pretty sure they will be freeze-dry with the next frost based on the weather forecast.

Jim said...


And here I was in broiling Southern California complaining about ants...

Becky said...

My basement floods too. I constantly have to go check on it when it rains. I'd rather check on it than be mopping the whole damn place.

thephoenixnyc said...

Oh crap. Sorry to hear about this. Man, I can't believ the weather in the Midwst. Horrible.

The T-Dude said...

Phoenix - Thanks for the kinds thoughts.

Becky - Better safe than sorry I guess...still not fun.

Jim - Yeah, we may have water but at least I don't have to worry about those pecky earthquakes!

Patti - Ah, the joys of camping. I once got washed out of a tent and had to sleep with two other people in a Ford Fiesta. Not fun.