Friday, October 12, 2007

Nobel Peace Prize And Why Republicans Need To Look Inside For Answers

Do you want peace. Are you tired of the killing? Does it make you sick every time you hear about an American soldier coming home missing limbs or worse, in a flag draped coffin? Do you believe that the world would be a better place if we spend more time talking and less time shooting and bombing? If so, then maybe you should be voting for the Democrats.

In the history of the Nobel Peace Prize, only one Republican President or Vice President has ever won. (See Update Below) It was Teddy Roosevelt in 1906. And coming from a traditionally Democratic family, he was barely a Republican. He lead the progressive side of the party at the time. He advocated for a "square deal" between business, workers and consumers. He was a huge protector of nature and the environment setting aside massive amounts of land for public use and enjoyment. And he won the peace prize for negotiating the peace between Japan and Russia.

Since then, Democrats Woodrow Wilson (for founding the League of Nations), Jimmy Carter (decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts) and now Al Gore (for his work on climate change) have won the prize.

Even Ronald Reagan, "The Great Communicator", didn't get a prize when the Berlin Wall fell. They gave that honor to Mikhail Gorbachev without honoring Reagan, the champion of Star Wars and unbridled military spending.

If you believe in peace, if you believe in a world where the value of human life is respected, if you believe that the military option should be the last option, then you should be a Democrat.

With very few exceptions, the list of Nobel Peace Prize winners is a who's who of great people who devoted their lives to bringing a better life to the inhabitants of this world. Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, The Dalai Lama, Albert Schweitzer, Linus Pauling, Martin Luther King Jr., Elie Weisel, Bishop Desmond Tutu, each are iconic champions of peace and the fair treatment of our fellow man.

How could anyone support a Republican party that breeds war and divisiveness and not peace and cooperation?

If you are a Republican, do me a favor. When you are sitting in your house of worship or just contemplating what your role in the world is or should be, ask yourself these questions: Does my God or do my own moral beliefs support torture? Do they support killing innocent men, women and children for political purposes? Was I placed on this planet to act as an agent of violence and division?

If the answer is no to these questions, consider becoming a Democrat. You can argue about taxes, abortion, education, health care and the other domestic issues facing us today, but I doubt anyone who answers no to those questions can feel very good about supporting the Republican party as it exists today.

Sometimes when we look inside ourselves, we find answers we didn't expect. We find that our hearts contain things that our minds and upbringing have denied. If you are a Republican, I can't ask you to change because I think its the right thing to do. But I can ask you to look into your heart and allow yourself to see and act upon the truths that reside there. I am convinced that for many of you, the truth is that you are no longer a Republican. You just haven't yet taken the time to discover it. I Don't hope that you'll change because I think its right, but instead that you'll listen to your heart and act accordingly, regardless of what truth you may find there.

I say this because I believe your faith, your inherent kindness, your own moral code makes you disgusted and appalled by the current state of the Republican party. I also believe that once you allow yourself to look past the "us vs. them" mentality that has become our political debate, you will choose wisely, and that for many of you, that choice will be to abandon the Republican party for a more compassionate, more ethical alternative. If Nobel Prize history is any indication, then the Democratic party is one of those options.

UPDATE: It seems I missed a Republican VP -- Charles Dawes was VP to Coolidge from March 4, 1925 – March 4, 1929 and a co-recipient of the prize. He won for the Dawes Plan for a WWI reparations.


Jim said...

Nicely done. Now if I could just find a Republican to send it off to... oops, don't know any.

Anonymous said...

MLK jr. was a republican too..just FYI. Perhaps a more interesting article would be what a sham the Nobel Peace Prize is, can you honestly, and with a straight face tell me what climate has to do with Peace? Al Gore winning the Nobel PEACE prize was simple politics.

Since the democrats are all love and no forgot to mention that Republicans are also the only ones, in the WORLD's HISTORY to use a Nuclear weapon against mankind...oh wait, you did not mention that because it was NOT the Republicans. Now I think Truman did the right thing, but it just is an example of how silly your logic is, and how sophomoric your reasoning is.

Anonymous said...

Other things you could have asked.

If you love to talk a big game, but refuse to walk might be a Democrat.

Of the 25 most generous states, in terms of giving...23 are Republican States.

Obama/Biden, who believe in sharing the wealth, interestingly enough, when it came to their own money they hoarded their wealth.

Obama talked relentless about how "careless" we got into Iraq..which makes sense..but does it now make sense to spend 1 trillion taxpayer dollars carelessly and with next to NO debate?

Democrats have stormed into Washington on an End this Ware platform, which is what the American people want. However, Pelosi/Reid who control the money have done nothing to end this war, like they said they were going to do. Now, Obama kept Bush's tactician and is saying he will have the troops home in 16 months, which was Bush's timeframe. Talk the Talk....Can't walk the walk...Democrats.

I mean listen not trying to get down on Dems, sorta like you did on Repubs..but be real dude...come on be objective...or at least try.