Thursday, September 10, 2009

A time and a place for everything...

Rep. Joe Wilson (R) of South Carolina is an idiot.

Other than the fact that his actions prove my point, I am also demonstrating the appropriate way to communicate disagreement with the President of the United States.

As anyone who has read this blog knows, I called George Bush Jr. worse things than liar. Once again, I have truth on my side so I feel vindicated and justified, but I also would never had done that in the middle of a speech he was giving to Congress and the nation...particularly if I was an elected official representing an entire Congressional District.

I repeat. Rep. Joe Wilson is an idiot. He is also wrong.

President Obama is not a liar. The section where Joe had his "spontaneous reaction" was when the President said only American citizens would be eligible to receive taxpayer funded health care. That is the truth. The only bill on Capital Hill that has even made it out of committee has specific language that says that only citizens can get taxpayer funded health care.

So, either Rep. Joe Wilson is an idiot or he is a liar. That is a bill in the House of Representatives, Joe is in the House of Representatives. Either he hasn't studied the bill (hence, he is an idiot) or he knew damn well that the President and the Democrats have not included non-U.S. citizens in the health care reform expenditures (hence he would be a liar).

Therefore, Rep. Joe Wilson is either an idiot or a liar...or now that I think about it, perhaps the whole truth is that he's actually both.

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Jim said...

I like to point out that if you are on vacation in France and need to see the doctor, you pay what a french citizen would pay. Probably less than your deductible from your US insurance. How civilized.