Friday, August 20, 2010

New Poll - One in Five Americans is a Moron

May I have your attention please.  I have a short announcement.

President Obama is not Muslim!

Not that it should matter in a country founded on the ideal of religious freedom.  Yeah, that's right you right-wing dick wads, religious freedom.  You do remember the first amendment, the one you cite when protesting gays at the funerals of dead soldiers and when you march in front of abortion clinics with the pictures of dead fetuses on your signs. 

It guarantees that as Americans we can practice our own faith and last time I looked, the President of the United States is an American.  So, who gives a fuck if he's a Muslim.

Oh wait, that's right, I keep forgetting, you're the idiots who don't believe he was born in America.

Never mind, as my nurse friend once said to me, "You can't cure stupid."  And all of you who think the President is a Muslim, are incurable.

CNN - President Obama is a Christian

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