Sunday, December 16, 2012

Evil by Design

A friend of mine posted this to their Facebook page yesterday. I honestly thought it would take longer for this type of stuff to come out again. 

Silly of me I guess.

The NRA, their supporters, and the rest of their ilk really have no shame and the tragic events in Connecticut aren't going to make them change their tune one single note.

There is just one problem, this pithy little saying which rings so true for so many of the gun-lovers and libertarian types out there is wrong. 

That's right, just plain wrong.

Evil does exist in a gun.  It is placed there intentionally.  It is purposefully incorporated into its very design. Guns were first invented to kill and guns are being designed to kill more effectively and more efficiently than ever before. Like the atomic bomb, the hand grenade, sarin gas, or anthrax powder in an envelope, the very nature of a gun is evil.

Take a look at this picture. This is the Bushmaster .223 Rifle.  One like it was used in that school in Connecticut. It is a semi-automatic assault rifle with a standard 30 round magazine.  That magazine can be replaced with another full magazine by simply pushing a button, removing it and slamming another one in.  It takes seconds at most. The very description of this rifle reveals the evil that is intentional in its design.  It is an "assault rifle".  It is intended to be used for assaulting...assaulting humans.  And as we have discovered over and over again, this gun and guns like it are exceptionally good at their job.

But even if you didn't know the name of this particular machine, just look at it.  It is designed to be menacing, it is designed to intimidate, it is intentionally built to appear as evil as its design truly is.

Don't lie to me and tell me that evil lies only in the hearts of man.  Evil lives in the killing machines that man has built. Just as a piece of art can be beautiful, just as written words can show us truth, the design of a machine can be evil.

Don't believe their pithy messaging. Don't let the arms merchants and gun makers convince you that their products are benign. They are not, they are evil by design, evil in their intent and evil in their use. They are killing machines and their primary purpose is to violate the "Thou shall not kill" Commandment as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Isn't that the definition of evil?


G-man said...

Well said, T-Dude, and spot on. Equally bad is another steaming turd that's circulating on FB: a supposed commentary by Morgan Freeman that, in essence, blames the media for mass killings (by giving the killers the notoriety and attention they crave). It's, of course, BS on its face and almost certainly not written by Morgan Freeman, but rather by some gun rights advocate POS.

The T-Dude said...

Thank you G-Man, the time has come to take serious action against these gun zealots.