Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quick Hits: Now with Sex, Death and Reading

That’s a Wide Load

I sometimes wonder if scientists talk to each other or read each others research.  A new study has come out that says that women with wider hips have more sex.  The reason they suspect has to do with ease of childbirth and less fear of having a child.


Did they completely ignore the research showing that women who don’t fit the stick thin ideal that the fashion houses and women’s rags promote are more likely to have sex because they are seeking affirmation of their attractiveness?

Women with wide hips aren’t less afraid of giving birth and therefore are less afraid of having sex.  Women with wide hips are afraid they aren’t as pretty as other women and therefore are more likely to use sex to feel desirable.

One in 25 on Death Row Likely Innocent

According to a new study, four percent (or one in every 25) of all defendants sentenced to death – and who are still on death row, are likely innocent of the crime of which they have been convicted.

To quote my youngest daughter’s famous line from kindergarten, “What the hell Josh?” (And soon after to her teacher who overheard: “It’s okay, it’s in the Bible. Besides, my mom says it all the time.)

Those revenge hungry, pro-death penalty folks will also quote the bible.  An eye for an eye they say.  But in every passage they quote, the person to be put to death is GUILTY. If we are unable to ensure that the people we are giving the ultimate penalty are actually guilty, then we have no business executing anyone at all.

Executing an innocent person is murder.  If I remember the commandments, somewhere around five or six on the “Thou shall not” hit parade is murder.  Whether you are a Christian or not, I think we all agree that murder is wrong and that is exactly what the death penalty is, or could be four percent of the time.

Oh, and the next time a pro-death penalty advocate decides to go all Old Testament on you, just give him the President Bartlett treatment.

Maycomb County goes Digital!

Harper Lee
For those of you who share my affinity for To Kill a Mockingbird, perhaps the greatest American novel, there is good news.  Author Harper Lee has given the okay for a digital release of her book. It comes out comes out July 8, the 54th anniversary of the book’s original release. 

I hope this opens up the beauty that is Mockingbird to a whole new audience.  It is a masterpiece that everyone should read.

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