Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shame on you NBC

Sometimes it sucks to be right. Paris "Wanna see my Cooter?" Hilton is getting (Cue Dr. Evil please...) one million dollars from NBC for the exclusive rights to her first post jail interview.

As I wrote last month in The Bitch Of It Is, It Might Actually Help Her this whole going to jail thing was going to make her even more money. What I didn't expect was the downpayment on that ill-gotten booty would come from NBC. National Enquirer? Us Magazine? Those I would expect to pony up dough. They are in the business of celebrity gossip. But not NBC.

Even though the interview is for the Today Show, not the Evening News, I still expect some journalist standards from an institution like NBC. Simply put, you don't pay for interviews, particularly interviews with Uber-Tarts whose only claims to fame are an endless supply of daddy's money and a propensity for flashing her girlie bits and making sex tapes.

To sum up, NBC just gave a talentless, spoiled rotten, filthy rich, exhibitionist one million dollars to ask her a few questions about what it was like to spend a month or so in jail.

Where's the religious right when I need them?

Can't some super-fundamentalist, snake handling freak start calling for a boycott of NBC? Haven't the suits at NBC earned a little back lash from the bible thumpers for giving that kind of scratch to an iconic sinner like Hilton? What good is it to have a country that not only sanctions, but protects the right of religious whack-jobs to spew self righteous rhetoric at acts just like this if they don't exersize that right?

Loose the hounds I say, they have to be good for something.

NYPost: NBC pays $1,000,000 for first post-jail Paris Hilton interview


Jim said...

Yes, you called it.

Ugh, I just threw up in my mouth when I read this and then had to swallow it. Sadly, it was easier to swallow than what NBC is doing.

On the flip side, maybe more people will want to buy my new Paris Hilton letter from jail mug!

That's right, I'm pimping.

Carolyn said...

Gosh. The way you go on and on about religious people. By the way, at least capitalize Bible when you write it. I would hate for God to decide to let you in the Pearly Gates only to change His mind because you didn't capitalize Bible. Be safe, not sorry!!
By the way, why do you give a shit about Paris Hilton? You keep writing about her...

The T-Dude said...


You miss the point, twice. First, it is more about NBC and less about Paris. She's the symptom, but NBC and the rest of the media outlets that fall head over heals trying to cover her, that's the disease.

Second, calling my description "going on and on about religious people" would be like talking about communist dictators and having it described as "going on and on about liberals." They might be on the same side of center when it comes to the political spectrum, but they are very different things.

thephoenixnyc said...

It take money to make money and the rich get richer, were two truer things ever said.

1 Million dollars for going to jail.