Friday, January 04, 2008

Obama Climbs Over The Hill!

Wow...not only did Obama win Iowa, He found a way to drive Hillary into third place. If his fundraisers aren't on the phones screaming right now, he's making a huge mistake. Now the question becomes, can he win New Hampshire?

New Hampshire takes on new meaning for Hillary. She must perform well or people are going to start looking at Edwards as a real possibility which means her strategy of wrapping this thing up early goes out the window.

Watch for this thing to go more negative real fast. Hillary cannot allow this freshman Senator to get too much momentum. She maybe a street fighter, but I suspect the party and the voters don't want a street fight, they want to believe in someone.

More later.

A quick shout out to my buddy Phil who walked into his local caucus last night. I wish I could have been there. Were you viable dude?


Jim said...

I'm still liking me some John Edwards. For some reason, you NEVER hear his name (except when people are surprised he beat one of the two names you ALWAYS hear.)

Phil said...

Yes, I was viable. I was there for Edwards, but I knew Obama was going to win my precinct the minute I walked in the door. There stood 3 people I knew were Republicans waiting in line with Obama stickers on. I talked at length with one of them who told me he had been a Republican his whole life but that there were no Republicans that he could bring himself to vote for. He said that he liked Obama's message and his positive approach. He told me that our country needs to have someone speaking of unity not division and that he will vote for him in the general election if he is the nominee, regardless of who the Republican nominee is. This is a man who has had a picture of W in his office since the day I met him.

This is only one man in one precinct, but the Republican party should be worried! Obviously, he is not the only one.