Thursday, February 21, 2008

Even my Seven-Year-Old Shakes Hands After the Game

It is the beginning of the end for Hillary. Her rhetoric is getting more shrill, they are hitting Obama on things as trivial as sharing speech lines with friends and not giving them credit. After the last few primary losses Hillary has failed to congratulate Obama on his win. And as stupid as it may sound to even mention it, for men, this is a huge deal.

Just like the crying thing in New Hampshire seemed to humanize Hillary with women, this failing to acknowledge your opponent after a hard fought contest just reaffirms what many men fear about Hillary. They are afraid of the "ice queen". They secretly fear that she is a vindictive, overly ambitious harpy who will do anything to win and says fuck it to the niceties of sportsmanship and fair play. For the most part, men don't respect that, in men or women and they certainly don't want those qualities in their President.

I'm afraid that Hillary is getting some bad advice these days, and I just hope that she isn't doing any real damage to her reputation. Regardless of what the pundits say, we don't have a nominee yet and it could still be her. And I would rather have Hillary be President than that fossil the republicans are putting up.

CNN: Analysis: Obama continues to chip away at Clinton's base

Bush in the Bush
When you are the sitting President of the United States and you travel all the way to Africa, you aren't supposed to see signs of support for a man who isn't even yet the nominee to replace you. Knowing the Republican hardliners, they probably just wrote it off as "a black thing."

Africans for Obama

Lindsey Lohan Goes Nude
The part I don't get is this: Is this supposed to help her get work? I think Hollywood already knew she was a tart. I think most of the casting directors and producers in town know that she has large breasts. And as the pictures show, the world now knows that she looks like hell as a blonde.

And was the whole New York Magazine with a famous photographer thing supposed to class it up? I'm no prude, you want to do nudies, knock yourself out. To quote The Godfather, "It makes no difference to me what a man does for a living." What I am is a realist. If Lindsey Lohan thinks doing soft-core porn is a good career move, she might as well go the full nine yards and take the cash from Playboy. I'm sure Hef would have paid well and his photographers wouldn't have made her look like a hooker trying to channel the ghost of Marilyn Monroe in a effort to up her price another $50 an hour.

Virginia Tech Shows Real Class

This Saturday, the Virginia Tech basketball team is playing Georgia Tech. The score won't matter much to me, or the rest of the nation because the players and the fans are showing us something more important than basketball. They are showing us compassion and strength. They will be wearing Northern Illinois University colors to show their support for the families and friends who have lost so much. VTech's wounds are still fresh and yet they are reaching out to others in an effort to ease their suffering just a bit. Good for you VTech, well done.

Virginia Tech Athletic Department to show support of Northern Illinois University


TheHMC said...

I feel uneducated after reading this, as my first thought on the Billary thing was that I thought she was a total sissy for crying the way she did. I was beyond convinced that that was going to ruin her. Somehow she won. I had no intentions of voting for her prior to that, but when she did that I lost a lot of respect for her. Yes, we all have emotions, but I, personally, don't want a president that's going to sit there and cry. About anything. That's just me though.
Ridiculous that she can't at least say "congrats" to the man for whoopin' up on her.

I hadn't heard about the VT thing yet though. I agree, very classy of them to do that.

You're officially saved in the favorties. I Hope that's ok!

The T-Dude said...

The HMC: I've read your blog, you are far from uneducated...please. I love what you write and think you are quite talented. You'll soon see your site listed on my main page.

Yeah, it seems a small thing but just like saying thank you, saying congrats to the winner is just common courtesy. Considering what we've suffered through for the past 7 years, a little common courtesy seems important to me right now.

Jim said...

I absolutely could not understand the horrible Lindsay photos. I have a team that could have made you or I look better naked in a blond wig with blown out lighting.

Patti said...

I agree with you, Lindsay should remain a redhead. Of all the Hollywood tarts, she is the one I actually care a bit about. Guess that is because I have the "Freaky Friday" soundtrack on my MP3 player.

This should be an interesting election when it comes down to can a young black man beat an old white man. Fortunately, there is a whole generation of new voters who could care less about such issues. Now, if only they can convince their parents and grandparents.

Lee Ann said...

I think we should start this campaign all over and get new people in the race!
You are right on the money about Lindsey Lohan. Seems like Hillary isn't the only one getting bad advice lately!
Yes, good for Vtech. There should be more compassion like this.
Have a great weekend!
Lee Ann