Monday, February 25, 2008

An interesting article about Hillary's Campaign

Andrew Sullivan has written an interesting piece for about why the Clinton campaign is imploding and what her management of this campaign tells us about the kind of administration she would have should she be elected.

Clinton is a terrible manager of people. Coming into a campaign she had been planning for, what, two decades, she was so not ready on Day One, or even Day 300. Her White House, if we can glean anything from the campaign, would be a secretive nest of well-fed yes-people, an uncontrollable egomaniac spouse able and willing to bigfoot anyone if he wants to, a phalanx of flunkies who cannot tell the boss when things are wrong, and a drizzle of dreary hacks like Mark Penn. Her only genuine skill is pivoting off the Limbaugh machine (which is now as played out as its enemies). Her new weapon is apparently bursting into tears. I mean: really.
Wow. It may only be his opinion, but talk about letting it go with both barrels.

After reading this I was reminded of a phone call I got from my sister asking me why I was supporting Obama and why not Hillary. After twenty minutes on the phone it came down to the fact that I didn't trust her and I wondered if what we really needed was another Clinton or another Bush. I wish I had read this piece prior to talking to her, I could have just e-mailed her the link and been done.

The Clintons' Last Stand


Patti said...

My goodness. Tell us what you really think.

One thing I over and over again hear about Barack is that he surrounds himself with good people.

Phil said...

Her whole campaign seems conflicted and I am sure there is much internal debate about what she should be doing. She makes nice one minute and the next minute is blasting Obama. She winds up saying many of the same things you hear from McCain. I don’t see how this behavior does anything but show people that her administration would be “more of the same” which is what Obama has been saying all along. If she does not get out after Texas and Ohio she will loose all credibility in my eyes. I am glad this process has played out over a longer stretch than usual. It has been refreshing to see that simply winning the first couple of states is not the only thing you have to do to win the nomination. It has even given us a chance to find out exactly what a super delegate is. But, we are to the point where she must realize that she will not be the nominee and she should gracefully bow out.

The T-Dude said...

Patti - Have I ever failed to do just that?

Phil - I hope she steps away, but I don't think she will, not without significant pressure for the party.

TheHMC said...

Her and her "ready from Day one" spiel.
The other one that makes me want to slap her is how she goes on at every rally about how it took a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush and it'll take another Clintion to clean up after the second Bush. I was so over that the First 12 times I heard it.

She should bow out, but we all know she won't.
And when she ultimately loses to Obama like we know she will, I'll bet $50 that she cries about it.
On camera.