Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Quick Hits - Now with MISINFORMATION!

"I also heard if you pull out..."

To give you an idea as to the average IQ of the FoxNews demographic, just take a look at the latest offering from their so-called "Sexpert".

FOXSexpert: Eight Sex Myths You Should Not Believe

For example, number seven on the sex myth list: "A woman must have an orgasm in order to conceive."

If you are reading that and are surprised to learn that it isn't true, then you are a living, breathing example of why sex education in the schools is not only needed, but should be required.

Burning Bushes and Guns Ablazin'

My friend Phil sent me an email the other day. It said simply:

"Can we take his gun now?"

For Actor Charlton Heston, Gun Rights Were 11th Commandment

But was there a sniper?

First, she's under sniper fire in Bosnia. Now she's telling half truths about poor a woman dying from a lack of health care. Don't get me wrong, I know men and women and children are dying in this country because they don't have access to quality health care, but Sen. Clinton doesn't have to be telling incomplete or misleading stories to prove her point.

I think this is one of the primary problems that people have with her. She doesn't flat out lie, but she has no problem gussying up a truth to make it seem to be something more than it really is.

Clinton's tale part truth, part errors


Carolyn said...

The sex article was stupid. I'll never get back the 2 minutes it took to read it.
As far as Hillary's story goes...I really don't care. Seriously. Do you really care that she repeated a story that was only half true? I do that all the time. I don't even think that was news worthy. If you choose to vote for Hillary you pretty much know what you're going to get. So, this story didn't exactly blow the lid off Hillary's character, did it?

Jim said...

Well with Carolyn's head's up I just skimmed the article and there was no surprise in there for me. I think the little extra blurb down at the bottom about Florida should have been the bigger story. Note the lead "Gravely" because what you don't know will KILL you!

Florida teens gravely misinformed about sex. Florida lawmakers are looking to overhaul their state’s sex education after learning that Florida teens believe that drinking a cap of bleach prevents HIV and a shot of Mountain Dew prevents pregnancy. The state, which is currently implementing abstinence-only sex education, has the sixth-highest teen pregnancy rate in the country.

The T-Dude said...

Carolyn - Exactly how I felt. Only a moron would have gotten anything from that sex story.

Jim - The only reason I could ever support an abstinence program is if the population were so stupid as to believe that Mountain Dew prevents pregnancy. People that dumb shouldn't be given the information needed to reproduce.

Phil said...

Fox would be better served to do an article on the 8 myths of the Iraqi invasion.

1. There were going to be weapons of mass destruction.
2. We would be greeted as liberators.
3. Iraqi oil would pay for the whole thing.
4. Iraq had operational ties with Al Qaeda.
5. Iraq posed an imminent threat to America.
6. It would be a swift operation with no need for long term planning.
7. Iraq would be the model for other mid eastern democracies.
8. Political problems can be solved by force with the aid of a foreign occupying force.