Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I've been M-I-A

I'm sorry...we're getting into the busy time here at work so I haven't had the same time or inclination to write. Just let me say these few quick things.

1) The more women voters get to know Sarah Palin, the less they are going to like her. That is why she has done so little press.

2)People weren't meant to live in large numbers along the gulf coast. The natural wetlands etc. cannot sustain a large population. Maybe it's time to leave it behind, give it back to nature and accept that humans really are a virus on the body Earth.

3)Why are Swedish Fish "swedish"? The ones I had yesterday were made in New Jersey.

4)It is 50 degrees outside and my beagles are shivering like it's ten below. What wimps.

5)The debates are going to be key to this election. And for the first time, the V.P. debates are going to matter because some people are voting for McCain/Palin because they EXPECT him to pass on before the end of his term.

Okay...got to go wake up the wife, get her coffee, wake up Daughter Dos, get her breakfast, make her lunch, make my lunch, get her dressed....etc. etc., all you parents out there know the drill.


Jim said...

When you write that your "beagles" are shivering in the 50 degree weather, is that a euphemism or do I just have a filthy, filthy mind?

Phil said...

Jim, I came here to type something very much like that. Great (and filthy) minds thing alike! I too have been MIA, but will try to get back in the habit of reading my favorite blogs again.

MediaTsar said...

I think you boys should all keep your beagles to yourselves. I know of not one woman who likes Palin's politics. Could be the circles I travel in, but it has been they all have liked her in general, think she is a good speaker, etc., but nobody likes what comes out of her mouth! Even her own circle of friends disagree with her politics. http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Politics/story?id=5750876&page=1

The T-Dude said...

The ol' twig and berries? John Thomas and the boys? No, afraid not. They are just fine and dandy thank you. In fact, if they started actually shivering I'd probably seek the care of a health care professional.

I'm talking about actual beagles, with cold noses, wagging tails and a deep need to chew things.

TheHMC said...

1. I hope so. I don't think I'll ever forget the look that hubby and I gave each other when we watched the announcement.
Ugh. I don't even know where to start.

2. Thank you. And, since I don't say "Amen", 'Holla.

3. Not sure, but when you figure that out, can you tackle these for me?

Why is it called a "funny bone"?

When does it stop being partly cloudy and start being partly sunny?
How fast do hotcakes really sell?

4. Aw. They're trying to give you the hint that they desire hideous animal clothing. Complete with matching shoes and hats.

And cute little hair pieces. I have a friend that could totally hook you up with some links. I make fun of her for it, but she's available if ya'll are interested.

5. I can't wait for the debates. The, um, ladies at The View gave McCain a nice run for his money today, what with the way they love to crouch like vultures and jump at any given opportunity. With their bullshit interview seating, I don't think he had a chance to begin with. Joy even made reference to his "short hairs" and the party having him by them.
Good stuff.
I'm not normally a View fan, but I was slightly entertained today.