Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Color vs Black and White...well, white anyway

Is it just me or is the Republican Convention really, really Caucasian. I think I saw four or five people of color all night long. You listen to the speeches and they try to sound like us, but in the end, the Republican Party looks nothing like the rest of America.


MediaTsar said...

But wait, they have recruited Cris Carter!

EXSENO said...

I think the republican party is and always has been for the very rich. The biggest companies the wealthiest families and they could care less about the average every day human being. I don't mean to offend any average every day person out there who may be a republican.

I believe that we all join a certain party because we agree or believe in what they say they believe in.
Take a good long look at Bush for example I'm not very politically savy but did you know that the Oil company's are one of his biggest financial supporters. Hmmmm, makes you kinda wonder why gas is really so high.