Thursday, January 06, 2011

A quick note to the new Chief of Staff

Dear Bill Daley,

Now that Rahm is off to seek your brother's old gig, it only seems fitting that you should take Rahm's.  Just do the rest of us a favor, forget the corporate tuckuses you had to endlessly kiss as Commerce Secretary and concentrate on kicking some Congressional ass.  Be a progressive, not a DLC, ignore the left, corporate cock-sucking centrist.

How?  Protect health care reform, protect Social Security, fight for middle class tax relief and return the tax rates on the rich to the levels they were at when the middle class prospered - the 1950's and 60's.  (Example - 1954 to 1963.  The top tax rate was 91%. )

Taxing the rich is good for the country, tax breaks for the rich are bad. Check out this chart:

Okay Bill, you are an educated man.  When was the Great Depression?  Oh yeah, the market crash was in October of 1929.  I bet if you look at the top marginal tax rates today, they are at just about the same level.  And we just had the grand baby of the Depression, the Great Recession.  Not scientific evidence perhaps, but it clearly indicates that cutting taxes on the wealthy does not cause the economic growth the conservatives claim it does.

Anyway.  Give the President sound guidance, be his bulldog and stiffen his resolve.  We need change and we need his leadership.  Help him provide it.

Thanks Bill and good luck.

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