Thursday, March 22, 2007

FLASH! John Edwards Suspends Presidential Campaign

In a sad piece of news, it appears that John Edwards' wife is again facing a fight with cancer. Newsday is reporting that his wife, Elizabeth recently heard from doctors that her breast cancer may have reappeared in one of her lungs. Edwards is said to be debating between two public statements, one suspending his campaign and one completely withdrawing. Regardless of your preferences going into this primary season, this is bad news for everyone. The voters need choices and the marketplace of ideas needs as many voices as possible.

But, putting the politics aside, it is my hope that John Edwards and his family can get through yet another trying time with his wife's health. Our hopes and prayers are with them.

Newsday Article

UPDATE, Newsday was wrong and Edwards is staying in the race. Fool me once Newsday...

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