Thursday, March 22, 2007

FLASH! Newsday Sucks And So Do I

Edwards just walked out of his house and told everyone he is marching forward with his campaign. Yes, his wife has cancer in a rib but they think it is a small and managable occurance.

Well okay then. I guess I'll quit listening to the early reports and wait for the words to actually come from the candidate's mouth.

In the words of Rossana Rossana Danna, "Never mind."

CNN's coverage of Edwards staying in the race he never left.

UPDATE: If you are interested in how this whole mix-up started, here is one account from an editor at Network World. According to him and the source he cites, the whole thing started with a blogger...imagine that.

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thephoenixnyc said...

And of course the story grew worse with the Wing-Nuts, ever hateful, tried to spin this story as a negative and disparaged the Edwards family for their choice.

PFlesher said...

John Edwards was my front runner until this story broke.

His wife has stage 4 cancer and they have two small (under the age of 10) children. Neither one of them belongs campaigning, but at home, going to baseball games and piano recitals. I know this was not an easy decision for them to make, but as someone who has lost a family member to cancer within the last year, I hope they reconsider their priorities.