Monday, March 03, 2008

As We Hit The Final Stretch, It is Neck-and-Neck

The latest polls in Ohio and Texas show Hillary and Obama are duking it out for every vote, with Hillary having a slight lead in Ohio and Obama and Hillary in a dead heat in Texas. Both are within the margin of error.

Hillary's support among Hispanics and older women is keeping Texas close and it seems that the demographics of Ohio are working against Obama. But no mater what the forces are, you need to hold on to your shorts kids cause these are going to be close.

Clinton and Obama tied in Texas, close in Ohio

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TheHMC said...

Way to stress me out! I actually haven't been paying as much attention the past few days with all we've had going on.

Thanks for that though. If I bit my nails, my fingers would be nubs right now.

And to think that there was a time I couldn't care less about politics.

Crap. I think I might be growing up.
A little.