Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Only in Freaking Texas

First off, I don't ever want to hear anyone talk about how screwed up Iowa is for having a caucus. In Texas, they have a primary followed by a caucus and they both get used to allocate delegates. That's just screwed up. Pick a freakin' lane folks. In some precincts, they waited for hours to get into the room because the polling people weren't out yet. In one precinct in Austin for example, they actually caucused in the parking lot because the nearly 200 people who showed up were waiting for the room to open up. Stupid.

Now, the way it works is the primary counts for 2/3 of the delegates and the caucuses count for 1/3. Based on the primary, Hillary got 65 delegates and Obama got 61. They are still counting the caucus votes so there is a real chance that, in the end, Obama is going to actually win Texas.

Now that's just stupid. One way or the other please.

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