Saturday, March 15, 2008

Quick Hits: Leave Town For Two Days...


Off I go to Atlantic City for a conference and all kinds of things happen. I suppose if I was a good boy, I would have logged in and blogged, but frankly, I was too pooped for prose. That being said, better late than never with another edition of Quick Hits.

Spritzer Pays The Full Price

Everyone has heard about this, but there are two things about this that I find interesting.

First, you would think a former prosecutor would have enough sense to cover his money trail if he was going to arrange for $4,000 hookers to meet him at the Mayflower Hotel in DC.

What an idiot. This guy was a rising star. President was a possibility for him one day. Now, he is going to have a hard time getting elected president of the local Rotary Club.

Listen up folks. If you are so inclined as to seek public office at the federal or state-wide level, take this advice. Don't dittle anyone but your wife. If you can't do that, then don't get married. It isn't that hard for most of us to keep our members in our pants, you ought to be able to do it.

Second, it just got even harder for politicians pay for sex. It is now a career path for hookers to get a high profile client and then get outed. Apparently, the Gov's hooker is an aspiring singer who, thanks to him getting caught, has made 200K from downloads of her single. What's next? A record deal? A book deal? Movie rights?

If you are a high profile politician and you favor the company of hookers, you better be sweating bullets right now. Each and every one of them is now trying to see the path to the cash thanks to this chick.

Bloomberg: `Kristen,' Linked to Spitzer, Becomes Pop Star on Web

Hooker's an online hit - to tune of $200G

Love Gone Up, Up and Away

It seems this guy wanted his potential bride to be to fully experience the moment when he "popped" the question. That's why he put the $12,000 ring inside a balloon.

Cute, right? Hand her the pin as you pop the question. Not bad if you're into that sort of thing.

Unfortunately, he filled the balloon with helium, not plain air. And when he walked out of he shop a gust of wind took the balloon for ride. He chased it and looked for two hours but never found it.

The quote?

"I felt like such a plonker. It cost a fortune and I knew my girlfriend would kill me."
That's the price you pay for trying to be too creative.

Honey, will you marry... Oh. Never mind...

The Movie of Deathly Hallows to be Split in Two?

I know, most of you don't care about this, but I do, and my wife does. And I know Jim does. But one of the first things that crossed my mind after I finished Deathly Hallows was "This is way too long for a movie and you really can't cut too much out or it will suck."

Well, the producer is talking about breaking the book into two movies. From a marketing standpoint, it's brilliant. It's like a two for one sale only reversed. The studio, the producer, everyone is going to make money hand over fist.

But it is also the right thing to do for the story. The book is way too long and way to dense to be stripped down to 2-plus hours of film. It would suck and no one would be happy.

I just wish it was coming out this summer, before Daniel Radcliffe gets his first gray hair.

David Heyman Talks Harry Potter Split


Jim said...

Too pooped for prose? Well, thankfully we waited for an alignment of alliteration!

All I keep thinking about when I watch the news these days (nearly all of it) is a quote from a friend of mine on how she explained all the O.J. trail to her then 9 year old. "We don't know him. It doesn't affect our lives." Yes, a governor is resigning. As for his marriage, it doesn't affect me.

The ring tale, this is why my wedding ring cost under $100. Seriously. Think of the trip you could have to Paris for $12,000!

Harry Potter news is FABULOUS! But I want them to make them both, finish them both and let me plunk down for two tickets and watch it from beginning to end while my ass falls asleep in the same chair for over 4 hours. I think they should make it in two parts with an intermission and charge a higher price. But please leave out the end credits for the first movie so we can just move forward in a hurry. After all, that's how I read the book as well.

And that is all I have to say. Except welcome home. You know I stay up nights waiting to be the first to comment.

The T-Dude said...

I'm with ya man, a freaking marathon of Deathly Hallows. Five hours of butt numbing, bladder stretching Pottermania. One intermission for the protection of the viewing audience, but then right back to it!

Carolyn said...

First of all, I am more disgusted with Spitzer's wife than I am with him. I could care less if he had $4000 sex with a hooker because she would let him do things his wife wouldn't. But what self-respecting woman would stand by his side while he had his tear-ful press conference? I would be too busy dancing around the bonfire in my front yard that I'd created with all of his clothes and other worldly possessions. but that's just me...
Secondly, that idiot with the $12,000 ring-balloon...? He's too stupid to propose to anyone. If I were his fiance-to-be I'd run far, far away. Besides, what's so great about a ring in a balloon?
Finally, I think that splitting the movie into two and making us wait over a year in between SUCKS. They should just make one really long-ass movie. You know all of us rabid Harry Potter fans will sit through it. If they're worried about losing money then they could just charge double the ticket price. I'd pay it.

Rachel said...

What Jim said about Potter movies. I agree with you about Spitzer. How did he not know that people would be able to trace his transactions when he'd done the same thing? It's like he was asking for it.