Sunday, March 30, 2008

Girlfriend Can Sing!

My eldest daughter can sing. Not just in the shower sing, but really sing. She has always been able to do it, even as a munchkin. If I didn't love her so much, I'd hate her out of petty jealousy.

You don't believe me?

Click here to hear her sing.

My daughter is the alto. The soprano is a friend of hers and fellow chorus singer. She's pretty freaking awesome as well.

Did I mention my daughter is only 12? Yeah, I know how you feel. It just ain't fair. But man, how I love to hear her sing.


Rachel said...

Wow. That made me tear up. That was beautiful. Such control for 12 year olds! Who knows where that kind of talent can lead? Jim and I went to school with someone with that talent and control and she sings opera now.

You must be so proud!

Jim said...

I was way ahead of you, your wife sent me this link a week ago.

Very impressive.

Phil said...

That is beautiful! But, I did not realize that was his name. I thought it was just Felix Pie, not Felix Pie Jesu. Wait.... this is from a different church isn't it? What with opening day and all I just thought this performance was from your favorite cathedral. Maybe you cold book her. Does she know "Take Me Out to the Ballpark"?

TheHMC said...

Grr. I was trying to respond to this yesterday, but was having trouble with my internet connection.

That is amazing! And you're right.. I AM jealous. I've always wished that I could sing(I love music.. and although I can pick up an instrument and learn it quick.. the singing was never my forte. Boo hoo).

Jim said...

Off topic, recently read this article on Pat Robertson. Thought you may enjoy it.

The T-Dude said...

Rachel - So proud I can't see straight.

Jim - You will soon learn that I am always behind the curve when it comes to my wife.

Phil - You know, national anthem at the local minor league stadium might not be a bad idea.

HMC - I can pick up nearly any instrument as well...but playing them is another matter.

Jim (part II) - I'll check it out!