Saturday, August 30, 2008

Convention Comments with a dash of "WHO?"


Did you know that Obama's acceptance speech was viewed by more Americans than the opening ceremonies of the Olympics?

I'm sure some of those viewers tuned in just for the spectacle of a man of color accepting the nomination of one of the two major parties, but man, did they get so much more.

Senator Obama found the perfect balance between strength and grace, between assertiveness and respect. He stated in no uncertain terms what he stood for and what the American people could expect from an Obama presidentcy. I dare anyone who watched the speech to say they don't know who this man is or what he wants to accomplish. If they don't know now, they're either idiots of they've been drinking the Republican red Kool-Aid for so long that their brain won't allow them to consider an alternative.

But for me, there were two moments in his speech that were more important than the rest. Two moments when Senator Obama transended traditional presidential politics.

First, when Senator Obama talked about the way he intends to campaign. He said that the issues were too great to be distracted by personal attacks. It sounds like a common enough theme, but the continuous theme of respect of John McCain and his service from Obama, from Sen. Biden, from Hillary, from President Clinton made it clear that Sen. Obama wants to campaign on the issues. Senator Obama's campaign wants to change the way people campaign in this country and I say it's about damn time. Talk about the issues, talk about your vision, but damn it, quit it with the personal attacks. They belittle us all.

The second was when Sen. Obama reached across the political divide to explain that reasonable people can disagree, but still find common ground, still make progress. I'm talking about the section of his speech when he spoke about how people who disagree on abortion rights can certainly agree that we should reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. When he said that people who disagree on gun control can certainly agree that we need to keep AK47 assault rifles off the streets and out of the hands of criminals.

Instead of the slash and burn politics of the past, Sen. Obama is talking about taking on the issues, having meaningful debate, finding common ground and then reaching compromise. Isn't that what we need today? Isn't that what Americans on both sides of the political spectrum have been calling for for years, an end to the personal attacks and negative campaigning? I know it is what I want and I think it's what you folks want too.

Sarah Palin

What the hell are they thinking? Gov. Palin is not qualified. When you are the running mate of the oldest presidential candidate in history, you had better be ready to be president. He has had multiple bouts with cancer and he is a past POW and a torture victim. I think we can assume that torture isn't a precurser to a long and healthly life. With this in mind, he chooses a vice-presidential candidate who is a first term governor from the wilds of Alaska.

I guess all that talk about the importantace of experience was just a bunch of horse shit, eh John?

You know, if I were a woman, I'd be insulted by this choice. McCain is telling the country that he thinks women will vote for any female he puts on the ticket. Experience? Not important. Proven track record? Don't need one. Strong record on women's issues? She's a republican, remember? No my fellow American's, all John McCain thinks women want on the ticket is a person with a vagina. That's enough for you ladies. It isn't about the country, it's about the vajayjay.

Just so you understand, two years ago this mother of five was eating moose burgers and working as mayor of a town of 9,000 people. Now John McCain wants you to think she's the right person to be a missed heartbeat away from the most challenging, most important job in the world.

On top of that, she's under investigation by the Alaska state legislature for abuse of power. She's accused of firing the man who refused to fire the Alaska state trooper who was divorcing her sister. That is exactly the kind of leaderhip this country doesn't need. That kind politics is what we have suffered for the last eight years, it is time for a change. It is time for President Obama.

Well, that's my two cents, what do you all think?


Carolyn said...

That was way more than two cents! More like a couple of bucks. Money well spent though...
First of all, I love Obama. I love his wife too, even though she wore the ugliest dress for her recent People magazine photo with Obama and the Bidens. I loved how Obama made it very clear that he wasn't going to run a campaign of personal attacks because no matter what McCain says now he is going to look like an asshole. I loved the fact that Obama closed his acceptance speech by quoting scripture. Muslim my ass!! I also loved the way he kissed Joe Biden's wife full on the lips the night before following Biden's speech. Hello!!
As far as McCain's running mate goes...well, did you know that she was a runner up in the Miss Alaska pagent? Yippee!! She has also posed for Vogue magazine. Terrific!! She also inspired bumper stickers in Alaska that read "Coldest state Hottest governor". Fabulous!!! She's anti-abortion (and has 5 kids to prove it! One has Down's Syndrome), anti-gay marriage and probably only has sex in the dark, under the covers and in the missionary position. Given McCain's marital track record, maybe he's planning on abandoning his injured wife (check out the cast she's sporting from an overzealous handshake!) and children and taking up with Miss Alaska! That would be the only reasonable explanation for his choice of running mate.

g-man said...

I'm guessing the "drill ANWR" crowd had more than a little to do with this pick. Can you say "big oil money"?

Anonymous said...

Any question of Obama's strength, will and leadership skills were answered completely with his acceptance speech. Can't wait to hear his first state of the union address, see who he chooses for his cabinet.
McCain has been blasting Obama on his readiness for leadership?His pick for VP says more about McCain than anything else in this campaign. Forget Palin's lack of experience, forget knocking Palin at all. The Republican pundits have been pounding Obama for over a year and a half saying that the country knew little about they expect us to get to know Palin in 60 days? McCain only met her once, once six months ago!!!!!!!! Sounds more like a Brittany Spears marriage in Vegas than a Vice Presidential pick.What about Mc Cain's judgement? Sounds pretty impulsive to me and I don't want someone that impulsive leading this country, think of the implications. Obama vetted his candidates, appointed a committee to assist, and then took some time alone to make an important decision for us. McCain on the other hand tossed this out at the last minute without even spending a full 24 hours with Palin and expects us to trust his judgement? That's how you get married in Vegas ( and we all know how those turn out) that's not how you pick a Vice President. First major decision of this campaign shows more about the character and judgement of the candidates than anything else so far and McCain's judgement is scary.

Phil said...

No more drilling in Bristol!

TheHMC said...

The more I see her, the more I dislike her.

Sarah Palin for President possibly?

Yeah. "Thanks, but No Thanks"

Oh and Carolyn! One of my first remarks to hubby was how McCain picked a M.I.L.F for a running mate. He's been trying to figure out how to make shirts that sport "McCain/M.I.L.F '08"
Neither of us are voting for them, but I'm sure hubby would happily walk away with any profit that made.