Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Think I'll Pass has a headline today quoting our President, George Bush:

Bush: 'Lot of work to do' before leaving office

I think I speak for a lot of Americans when I say Mr. President, "Don't you think you've done enough already?"


Why don't you just take a pass for the next few months. Play with your Wii, go to Disney, spank the monkey to those naked pics of Condi you got from Karl Rove. Pretty much anything except what you've been doing so far.

You know...and I'm just vamping here...if none of those things sounds appealing, you can always hold a few press conferences talking about how John McCain is such a close personal friend.

Sure, you can list off all those times he supported you when you really needed it. The war votes, the tax cuts for the rich, the votes against health care veterans. You can tell the American people something that they really need to hear, that John McCain would be your first and best choice to succeed you.

Honestly, I see a three week whistle stop campaign straight across the country. You know how you love trains Mr. President. I bet they'll even let you blow the horn! And the best part is, you've got all that time between stops to do that other stuff too! The Wii, that special "Condi time" that is so hard to get with Laura around, hell, if you go to Florida, you can even do Disney.

And, if it's not too much to ask, could you start in Ohio? If anyone needs to hear about your undying support of John McCain, it's the people of Ohio.


Anonymous said...


Sit down, hands at your sides, don't TOUCH anything, don't SAY anything!

The more Bush does and says, the more uncomfortable/terrified Americans feel.

He's completely out of touch, incompetent, and still at the helm!

It's times like these I wish we had a parliamentary system, and could force a no confidence vote to kick him out NOW!

GibsonTwins said...

Anon- why be anon if you're so passionate about politics? Why hide?

I am an Ohioan. I am voting McCain Palin.

Why do you bitch about the "tax cuts for the rich". Would you rather cut taxes on the poor WHO DON'T EVEN PAY TAXES BUT SUCK UP THE ENTITLEMENT FUNDS?? Wealthy individuals with tax cuts always invest into the stock markets thus enhancing our economy, they create jobs (that subsequently the welfare recipients won't want to work anyway).

Obama wants to increase capital gains taxes (taking approx 50% of what we earn each year). NICE.

BTW, CNN is always about 6 hours behind Fox and very biased.

Get your facts straight. You have the right to vote for whomever you choose, however, stating blatant lies on your website is immoral.

The T-Dude said...

Anon - There is a certain appeal to that. I have little doubt that a no-confidence vote would be successful.

GibsonTwins - Let's be very clear. Under Obama's plan, there would be no tax increase for families earning less than a quarter million a year. Also, unlike McCain's plan, there is no tax on health benefits.

McCain's economic proposals so far have gotten jeered by most economists. His more of the same, big rich folks breaks and let it trickle down approach is exactly what this country doesn't need.

Phil said...

Forrest W. Gump

Life Of An Emt said...

""Why do you bitch about the "tax cuts for the rich". Would you rather cut taxes on the poor WHO DON'T EVEN PAY TAXES BUT SUCK UP THE ENTITLEMENT FUNDS?? Wealthy individuals with tax cuts always invest into the stock markets thus enhancing our economy, they create jobs (that subsequently the welfare recipients won't want to work anyway).""

Ok I don't know what planet you fell off of that just so happen to allow you to get close to our gravitational pull which sucked you into our atmosphere plummeting you to our earth but will you please wake your desperate housewive self up. Until you can get out there and work instead of being homemaker and NOT PAYING TAXES YOUR SELF. Meaning Your not a contributor to our economy therefore your not a tax payer are you hmmm?? hmmm?? I didn't think so. No your a sofa soaker running behind the pitter patter of little feet all day cooking supper for daddy when he comes home and rubbing his feet and shoulders cause he has had a hard day at the "Office" which has supported your comfy sofa soaking life style...

who said welfare recipients don't want to work? You said that... I will have you know for a fact a lot of welfare recipients work and pay taxes while being on welfare.
Yes ma'am I have had to be on welfare several times when I was younger raising my child alone making minimum wage barely getting 32 hrs a week barely making it. food stamps and medicaid yes ma'am I have had to be there. I have lived on 8k a year living payday to payday while making sure my child had what he needed While I worked and payed my taxes and received what little food stamps I could according to my income and believe me $132.00 does not go far during a week. and no that is not the amount of food stamps that is the amount if I was lucky of my paycheck. I don't think that you have ever known in your blessed little life what it is like to go to bed at night and cry your self to sleep at night wondering worried if your going to be able to make the light bill next week in the middle of winter so your child can have heat and hot water for a bath. or you go to bed hungry to make sure your child does not. No ma'am I don't think you have ever had to worry about those things or had to live those things and I hope and pray you never have to..but if you do if you are ever faced with that position in your life. just know that this person who has lived that life will give her last penny to help you if you needed it. because that is the type of tax paying person I am.....
so your welfare recipients that don't want to work does work and they work hard and they pay taxes and they have a heart and they have feelings and they have morals despite what you may think.

The T-Dude said...

EMT - Testify sister, testify!

People have to stand up to this false portrait of the welfare recipient. Are there people who abuse the system? Sure, but the vast majority don't. The vast majority are people who need that helping hand to get things right, to get themselves on their feet and going again.

Unfortunately, it seems more and more people are finding themselves in the catagory of the working poor. They have jobs, but the job doesn't pay enough, or doesn't provide benefits. The middle class is getting squeezed and like everything else, the more you squeeze, the more people slip through the cracks.

Thank you for sharing and for standing up to those who would paint such an incomplete and incorrect picture. They need to know that the Republican dogma they spout is not only wrong, it's damaging to us all as a society because it makes it easy to dismiss those hard working, honest people who our values as Americans demand we help.

EXSENO said...

Looks like you have a debate going here T-Dude. Good luck.

I sure do feel sorry for the person who thinks that people of little or no means do it on purpose.
God forbid she should fall off of that cloud that she is on and find herself in need of help. Boy wouldn't she have a rude awakening. Desperation is a terrible feeling.

Frankly I'd rather my taxes go to someone who needs help then to those wealthy 'CEO's' that took that very expensive trip at our expense.

Life Of An Emt said...

somebody has to do it =) and if not someone who has had to live that life then who?