Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quick Hits - Now with Gun-toting Idiots

I understand why people like and own guns. Hell, I've owned them, shot them at both targets and game. I don't believe there is anything inherently evil about owning a gun. I'm sure that some of you out there find that weird for a hard-core Democrat, but I grew up in the rural Midwest where guns are a part of life. But I also know that there is a time and a place for everything. Some places and some people shouldn't have guns, and some guns are just unneeded by anyone. And to prove my point, I offer up the following:

Eight-year-old kills himself with Uzi

If you haven't heard/read this story already, you may not want to. The gist is this: an eight-year-old was at a gun show and was given the chance to fire a fully automatic Uzi. His father was there and gave permission. An "instructor" was there to help. The boy pulled the trigger and the recoil brought the barrel so far up in the air that the boy shot himself in the head.

An eight-year-old.

A FULLY AUTOMATIC machine gun.

Someone wasn't thinking...and a boy died.

No one needs a machine gun and an eight-year-old child shouldn't be allowed to fire anything stronger than a suction cup dart gun.

Boy Killed by Uzi at Gun Show

Aryan Morons Plan Assassination

US government agents say they have thwarted a plan by two conspirators to kill the White House front-runner and shoot or decapitate 102 black people.

Daniel Cowart, 20, and Paul Schlesselman, 18, were arrested in Tennessee on Wednesday and charged with possession of firearms, threats against a presidential candidate running and conspiring to rob a gun store, the Department of Justice said.
Do you see that cannon he's holding? No one outside of the military should have access to that kind of weapon. It is unsuitable for hunting, dangerous to use in self-defence, and entirely too powerful for an urban setting. It has one purpose and one purpose only: to kill humans. No one needs a weapon that powerful, no one should be allowed to own one.

I can't even comment on how I feel about assholes like this. I don't believe in the death penalty, but I certainly hope these two are put away for the rest of their lives...if for no other reason than to prevent them from reproducing. To let them have children is a sin against humanity and the homo sapien gene pool.

Obama Assassination Plot Foiled

By the way -- if you live in Cali -- this message is for you:


Life Of An Emt said...

omg that is awful!! I don't know what to think of dad for allowing him to shoot an uzi.. but the instructor of all people should of known better. He is the instructor not saying he is to blame. but you would think he would of drawn the line and the thought of a recoil possibly hurting the child should of played into his mind....

Martini said...

I read about both of these, and I basically feel the same way you do. I cannot imagine the grief the father of the 8-year old feels. It is 100% his fault. I doubt there will be any sort of 21 gun salute at that funeral. As for the moron on myspace, word simply cannot describe. It makes you feel good when people like that get caught.

Shannon said...

That is nuts! The idjit demoing the gun should have known that a kid couldn't handle that! The father should have tried it first to see if it was something the kid could handle. The list goes on... Such a shame!

Jane said...

seriously. I cannot believe the story of the little boy. I saw that on CNN and gagged. WHy are people so stupid? I can't take it anymore!!!!

EXSENO said...

How very tragic. Heart breaking really what in the world were these two men thinking of. Well I know what the seller was thinking of, making a sell to Daddy but where the heck were Daddy's brains.

We live in the south. A small southern town, you know hunting seasons and blah, blah.
And you now what's strange, everyone here young people included seem to understand the power and the danger of handling a weapon whether it be pistol, rifle, shotgun or big axs knife.

Rule number one if a teen is allowed to hunt it go's without saying, they will be taught gun handling and gun safety Rule number shot a nothing that you think is there you better visibly see the whole thing. What shakes the bushes my not be a deer it may be your best friend.

Martini said...

Off-topic here...
Hope you had an exciting Halloween. I'm not sure if you usually post about it, but if you do, I am looking forward to it.