Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pat Robertson will Rot in Hell

If you believe in hell and find yourself there after you pass, say a big "Howdy!" to Pat Robertson. This self-righteous, self-promoting false prophet just earned a fast pass for entrance on the Fire and Brimstone Roller Coaster in the Hades amusement park.

This jerk actually told the world that the reason the Haitian people had been struck by this terrible tragedy was because they had made a deal with the devil to throw the French out of the country decades ago. He even said, with a straight face, that the earthquake might be a blessing in disguise that will allow the Haitian’s to rebuild their country.

Seriously? When tornados ransack trailer parks full of southern white trash, is it because they made a deal with the devil to keep themselves awash is whiskey and ignorance? Is it an opportunity for those who are spared to build McMansions? Is it Pat?

The truth of the matter is, you aren’t a messenger of God, you are the face of a multi-billion dollar business and this provided you a perfect opportunity to appeal to the idiots who keep shucksters like you in business. It gave you a little of everything, didn’t it Pat. Black people, foreigners, and a calamity of biblical proportions were all you needed to make sure that the fanatics who have helped you get rich reach just a little deeper in their pockets.

You deal in fear and divisiveness. You are the merchant of the very values that Satan would find most admirable. And when the time comes for your great reward, I hope the Devil himself is the presenter.

If you want to see what Pat “Death Makes Me Richer” Robertson had to say, click here:

Video: Pat Robertson Says The Haitians made a deal with the devil


Martini said...

Is this guy really this insane? Or a just a comedian with bad jokes and poor timing?

EXSENO said...

He's never impressed me as being anything but a jerk anyway. I just don't know why some people waste their time with phonies like that.

Don't they have any common sense?