Friday, August 01, 2008

Quick Hits with Vajayjay

Designer Vaginae? WHAT?

When I first read the headline 'Designer Vaginas' Blacklisted in Australia, I was sure they were talking about Donatella Versace, but the truth is actually much scarier. Apparently, the plastic surgery craze has hit every where, including Australian pussy. Women down under are getting their...well...down unders adjusted with cosmetic surgery. In one case, according the article:

"In one case we heard of a man bringing in a Brazilian pornographic photo and saying: `Make my girlfriend look like this','' Weaver said.
In a refreshing bit of common sense, Aussie gynos are telling women not to have this kind of work done.

There was concern that women seeking the most common operation, the labiaplasty, [trimming and/or shaping of the labia] did not understand there was a huge variation in how women's external genitalia look.
On behalf of most men, ladies, before you ever think about this kind of thing, remember this: Most men don't care what the interior decorator did to your house, we're just glad we were invited to the party.

'Designer Vaginas' Blacklisted in Australia

McCain Equates Obama to Cooter Flashers Hilton/Spears

Dear Sen. McCain,

This is all you've got? This is your best shot? You think the American people are going to equate a Harvard Law educated Senator from Illinois with Paris "Beaver Shot" Hilton? You believe that the American people are going to consider one of the most articulate, well-spoken politicians this country has seen in a long time on par with a couple of 20-something blonds who keep forgetting to wear underwear?


God help us all if you are right.

McCain camp compares Obama to Spears, Hilton

On a side note, this isn't going to be the last time you see this kind of campaign tactic from the McCain camp, if the New York Times is right.


Carolyn said...

Ha! Ha! You have such a way with words. That's why I married you! In other words, that's why I invited you to the party.
McCain is an idiot. I don't even know what to say about his commercials comparing Obama's celebrity to Paris Hilton's. How stupid does he think we are? Oh well, at least he got the stupid bigot vote.

Jim said...

I just can't escape work today!

In regards to party invitations, I had a friend who worried that her newly single status re-decorated bedroom decor of pink on pink would put off any man she eventually decided to invite home, might be a deal killer.

I told her that once he was invited for a sleep over, sheet color was the last thing on his mind.

Martini said...

Martini said...

sorry. How about a link. Ah, that's better