Sunday, October 08, 2006

Caption This Contest!

"You should have seen the page that got away!"

You come up with the best (ie funniest) caption for this photo and I'll send you a genuine Chicago Bulls baseball cap as a prize. On top of that, just to show what a great guy I am, I'll make a twenty dollar donation to the congressional campaign of the winner's choice. We'll give it a week, all entries must be posted in the comments section of this entry by October 14. All entries will be judged by me and that judgement will be final.

And listen people, if you think this is some high brow contest, you're crazy. The winner will be lucky to get the damn hat, so no bitchin' about the outcome! And if you happen to win and you don't check back after the contest is over to see that you've won, then don't complain when I don't know how to get a hold of you.

Thank you to the DailyKos for bringing this fine piece of Reuters photojournalism to my attention. If you don't read the DailyKos -- you should.


doteffects said...

In Texas all the pages are as big as the Perch in my lake.

Anonymous said...

I swear, Hastert's ass used to be only this wide.

greg said...

bush: "mine's this big, i swear."

foley: "i heard it was this big."

carl said...

BUSH: "Seriously, just like this and you can turn 'em off or on. I'm getting one for every lamp in the White House!"

carl2 said...

BUSH: "This close, this close to holding on to Congress. Nice work, freak."

FOLEY: "Actually, we were this close. Sucks, huh?"