Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Let The Feast Begin!

They are starting to eat their own.

For the first course, we have Kirk Fordham, the former Chief of Staff to Foley the Fondler (and current Chief of Staff for Republican Congressman Tom Reynolds) being fired today for reportedly begging congressional leaders not to take allegations against Foley to the Congressional Page Board.

Now this is where it gets fun. First it was reported that Fordham quit. Then it was reported that he got fired for his efforts to keep the allegations from the Page Board. And now Fordham is saying that just the opposite is true and that he actually raised the alarm about Foley with Congressional leaders and is being used as a scapegoat to protect Speaker of the House Hastert.

ABC has also reported that Fordham tried to negotiate a deal with them for an exclusive on Foley's resignation. In exchange for the exclusive, Fordham wanted ABC to promise not to publish the content of the sexually explicit instant messages Foley wrote to a male teenage page.
(See my previous post Foley's Disgusting IM's)

ABC refused the deal.

Whatever the truth is, it is clear that everyone thinks there will be hell to pay on this one and like rats, they'll eat their own to survive.

Here is the text of Fordham's resignation statement as reported by ABC News:

"I have resigned today from Congressman Tom Reynolds’ office. It is clear the Democrats are intent on making me a political issue in my boss’s race, and I will not let them do so.

"I want to clarify a few things: When I sought to help congressman Foley and his family when his shocking secrets were being revealed, I did so as a friend of my former boss, not as Congressman Reynolds’ Chief of Staff. I reached out to the Foley family, as any good friend would, because I was worried about their emotional well-being.

"At the same time, I want it to be perfectly clear that I never attempted to prevent any inquiries or investigation of Foley’s conduct by House officials or any other authorities.

"Like so many, I feel betrayed by Mark Foley’s indefensible behavior. Again, I will not allow the Democrats to make me a political issue in my Boss’s race, and I will fully cooperate with the ongoing investigation."

Whatever dude, you'll land on K street somewhere and make a million. And don't worry, I suspect you won't be the only one looking for work when this whole thing is said and done.

Now...who's up for seconds? I have a lovely Speaker of the House roasting in the oven as we speak.

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