Monday, October 09, 2006

A Scary Mental Picture

The following excerpt is from a report from AFP today:

Newsweek reported Sunday that Foley's former chief of staff will tell investigators that in 2002 or 2003, he told House Speaker Dennis Hastert's influential chief aide, Scott Palmer, that Foley had been found drunk, lurking outside the page dormitory after curfew one night.

This thing just gets uglier as it goes on. First we have slightly uncomfortable emails requesting pictures, then we get very sexual exchanges between pages and Foley, and now we have a report of Foley trolling around drunk outside of the page's dorm after curfew.

This guy was obviously out of control. And he was not an accident waiting to happen, but an accident happening over and over again before the eyes of the Republican staff and leadership.

Hypocrisy, thy party is Republican...and hopefully, hell is coming to breakfast this November.


Dan Marks said...

Dems have to make sure that we do not become part of the gay politician witch hunt.

The Republicans are wounded and when we check the rear view mirror we can see that they tend to eat their wounded. If we just let them be on this one, they will devour the names in the story.

We didn't care about Livingston having an affair when he became the new speaker of the house after Newt left. The Republicans off'ed him without our help. Dems only need to prick the Republican politicians with a sex scandal to get the ball rolling.

Financial scandals don't work as well or Frist wouldn't be running for President.

Let's just leave this one alone. It has its own momentum and they will do our work for us.

Let's focus on the Rove aid that resigned because of the 100s of visits with Ambramof and the deception leading to the war in Iraq.

The T-Dude said...

I agree in part. The issue that needs to be hammered isn't the sex, that is just the sizzle, the steak is the cover-up. If we allow the Congress to do what they do best, spin and circle the wagons, then this becomes a campaign ploy by the Democrats. The Republicans are trying very hard to paint this as nothing more than a stunt to hurt their chances this November. No, the open and honest reporting of these events will keep it fresh in the minds of the soccer moms and NASCAR dads, both of which find this very disturbing.

Bottom line, this isn't about the sex, this is about the depraved way in which the Congressional leadership hid/ignored the threat to the pages they were supposed to be protecting, all in the name of keeping a seat on their side of the aisle.

Dan Marks said...

When NASCAR Dads & soccer Moms go in to hte voting booth, I doubt Foley or Hastert will be on their minds even if they told polsters they would. It might make Republicans stay home, but the voter who shows up is going to be thinking about the war(s) and maybe Katrina if we keep reminding them.