Thursday, October 26, 2006

The True Reason Rush Attacked Michael J. Fox

Why did Rush Limbaugh attack Michael J. Fox? Is it because he hates sick people? Maybe, I don't know. He might.

Is it because he can't stand when actors get involved in politics? No, he never had a tirade over Tom Selleck or Charleton Heston when they did ads or waxed poetic about the virtues of being a gun-toting Republican.

The real reason Rush accused Michael J. Fox of "acting" to exaggerate the effects of his Parkinson's disease in an ad supporting stem cell research is because the ad works and that's bad for his leash holders, the Republican party and the religious right.

According to HCD Research and Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion: "A new national study revealed that American voters' support for stem cell research increased after they viewed an ad featuring Michael J. Fox in which he expresses his support for candidates who are in favor of stem cell research."

To make matters worse for Rush and his handlers, the study showed that: "Republicans who indicated that they were voting for a Republican candidate decreased by 10% after viewing the ad (77% to 67%). Independents planning to vote for Democrats increased by 10%, from 39% to 49%."

Those are damning numbers in vital races like the Missouri race for the U.S. Senate between Jim Talent (R) and Claire McCaskill (D). This race is separated by just three percentage points in the most recent polls. An ad like this can change a lot of minds in a short period of time and that could mean the difference between a Republican Senate and a Democratic one.

That's why Rush took a cheap shot at Michael J. Fox, because like his Republican handlers, he's desperate. The one party rule this country has endured is in jeopardy and the folks who have enjoyed it the most are pulling out all the stops to protect it.

Rush did it because that's his job. He exists to say the outrageous things that Republican politicians wish they could say but can't. He's the work-around the censor gene that politicians have in their bodies that is supposed to protect them from themselves. When the Republican's are thinking disparaging, ugly thoughts about minorities or gays or ill actors who support Democratic candidates and ideals, they can't say anything. But Rush can...and he does.

Now, even if you think Rush is an over-weight, drug addicted idiot, the seed has been planted that something nefarious is going on with these ads. Rush has done his job, and it is up to time to see if it can grow in the fertile minds of American voters. So, on behalf of your right-wing puppeteers, I'll just quote the movie Babe:

"That'll do pig, that'll do."

(To read more about this study go to:Voters Increase Support for Stem Cell Research After Viewing Michael J. Fox Ad)

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Anonymous said...

I think the message we should be pushing right now is that the 9-11 Panel recommendations are still not implemented, our security is graded D or F at most airports, Port Security is still being handed to Dubai, our borders are wide open. They still can't defend us after 5 years. Katrina is the evidence of that.

Stem cell research, while it still shows great potential, is not going motivate that many in the "Show Me" state.

Also I am suspicious that we will need to institute a real draft just to have a planned withdrawal from Iraq over 16 months. That should also be part of the pre-election debate.

This is why the Dems seem to have no balls. It is like we are afraid to talk about the 800 lb. gorilla in the room even if we weren't the ones who let him in the room, and we have the best change of removing the problem.

Dan Marks
Hilo, HI