Friday, October 06, 2006

Three More And Counting

Despite what the Drudge Report is saying, it appears that Foley the Fondler has been at this for quite some time. Three more Congressional pages have come forward saying that Foley approached them with sexual messages via the Internet. And my, isn't he consistant. The Fondler has a real fasination with the sizes of the page's members. In fact, in one reported exchange, he not only asked the page about the size of his penis, but asked if he could report on the sizes of other pages.

I think Foley should have been a census taker instead of a Congressman.

These latest reports date back to 1998, for those of you who are math challenged, that's eight freakin' years this has allegedly been going on. For eight years a Republican Congressman with a record of fighting to protect children has been approaching teenage boys with sexual advances, including telling one page that if he was ever in Washington DC, he could stay with the Congressman provided he engaged in oral sex with him.

Personally, I don't care if Denny the Rotund Speaker of the House is sorry. If there is one shred of evidence that anyone in his office knew that this type of thing could be going on, then I want him gone. In fact, if there is any evidence that the Republican leadership even thought this could be going on, then I think it is pretty safe to assume that they decided to put the Party first, and the children in their care second -- and they should be punished for it.

From ABC: Three More Pages Come Forward

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